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Serenity and Rose Quartz Home Décor Inspiration

Pantone, the Color Company, has an annual tradition of choosing a “color of the year”.  For 2016, they chose a rather curious combo of Serenity and Rose Quartz. For the record, 2016 is the first year that two colors were chosen. This year’s picks are pastels, a big contrast to last year’s dark-hued pick, Marsala.

Serenity and Rose Quartz Home Decor Inspiration

Serenity and Rose Quartz is reminiscent of a nursery room, as they are both pale pastel colors. They are sure to put anyone in a relaxing and peaceful mood. It’s a misconception that these colors would make a room too bland or too sweet.

If you know how to play with these colors, you can pull off a room that would echo your personality. With a few tricks, you can create a space that is exquisitely modern, warm and cozy, a little eclectic, or shabby chic

Serenity and Rose Quartz Home Decor Inspiration

To coarsen the feel, throw in some accessories coated in metallic hues. Silver would work, as would rose gold metals. For a warm and cozy appeal, try to add muted earth colors in greys and off whites. If you want to throw in some fun, dress your throw pillows in different designs. Just keep the colors close to serenity and rose quartz to have an associative impression. Wooden accents will instantly turn the style into shabby chic. For an edgy influence, incorporate sharp geometric patterns into your décor or pick outlandish furniture pieces    like a wacky chandelier or an upholstered bench.


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