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Hollywood regency - blog decor montreal

Lights, camera, action!!!

When I decorate a new room I want it to look movie star ready. I want it to pop and be bold and ready for any event I throw its way. When my guests see it, I want them to think that one: I am just so incredibly sophisticated and two: how jealous they are that I thought of it first.

So where do I get my inspiration for such extravagant living quarters? Why, Hollywood of course. Hollywood regency that is!

For all you HR virgins out there, it’s when you take old Hollywood and mix it with and Asian influence. Especially when it comes to the aspect of sharp accents EVERYWHERE! It’s rich, it’s vibrant it’s… well sharp.

The thirties, in my opinion is the best place to start our old fashioned/new fashioned transformation. It was a time when elegance started to flirt with sexy and then became inseparable.

One thing is for sure though, MIX YOUR PATTERNS. Bold patterns are nothing to be ashamed of so mix those textures, with animal print rugs… or better yet pillows!

Lace a mirror or two, fluff a big curtain. Go and dust off grandma’s old bordered chairs and reupholster them. Buy a mirrored table at Ikea. Because adding a little glitter and glam in your life never hurt anyone. And most of all indulge in the aftermath of your best work! Because if YOU don’t, well then what was the point.

Hollywood regency decor

Hollywood Regency - blog decor montreal


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