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Decor Trend: Preppy is Back

Remember when Preppy was the new black? Of course you do – it never went away. It’s a timeless style. This interior style is perfect for chasing away my winter blues. Its all about color and pattern.

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Preppy is nothing if not traditional and classy. Its based off collegiate styles of the Ivy League schools. It has a great mix of antiques and modern indulgences, luxurious carpets and sleek furniture. It defines comfort and style for the room’s owner. Designers Jonathan Adler, Elizabeth Bauer and Ralph Lauren define classic Preppy styles.

I love being able to update good-quality gently-used furniture by reupholstering in modern Preppy fabrics for great results and cost-effectiveness. Have you seen the chair I refurbished?

As you know from this blog, I love bold. So, try mixing boldly colored stripes, fantastic Laura Ashley style floral patterns, plaids and monograms anywhere you can put them! Think pink and green, waterford blue and light eggshell. Did I mention plaids? You don’t want to overwhelm visitors and yourself with too much texture, but mixing it up a little is fine. The Nautical themes from last year are still going strong in Preppy. You can read more about them here.

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Want to dress Preppy, too? Its perfect for winter days when you need comfort and warmth. The old 1980s standby bible, The Preppy Handbook, has a new update in True Prep, available on Amazon.com. And there’s no need to break the bank. A friend of mine in the US recently told me that she scored two brand new Banana Republic cashmere sweaters, Talbots silk pants, some cable knits by J. Crew and a Tommy Hilfiger turtleneck at her local secondhand store, all with the original tags on them. For a whopping $24 USA total.




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