Who is Mimi Struthers?

Mimi Struthers
Mimi Struthers

Mimi Struthers | Interior & Home Accessory Designer | Owner of Serial Indulgence

Mimi Struthers born and raised in Montreal, Mimi has had a passion for design for as long as she can remember. She has traveled the globe as a stylist for socialite set, living in NYC and Miami before returning to her hometown to open her own boutique.

After an exciting 10 years of working in the fashion industry, she took a small break to focus on starting a family of her own. Fueled by her desire to keep learning, she completed her studies in Interior Design while home with her girls.

Today she is the owner of the decorating firm and online boutique Indulgence Décor, where she helps her clients create elegant and sophisticated spaces. Mimi’s enthusiasm for all things design is infectious.

Mimi is also the content creator and Editor in Chief of the Canadian online publication Serial Indulgence. This publication is a mirror of Mimi’s Aesthetic. Serial Indulgence is firmly rooted in design, décor and life’s indulgences.





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