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Agate Alert: A New Trend We Can’t Stop Obsessing About

It’s probably safe to assume that you’ve had the pleasure of being dazzled by one of the latest, almost hypnotizing gem-like home décor trends. At the very least you must have come across it while browsing online. They are everywhere – fashion apparel, home decor, DIY accessories, etc.  So, what is it exactly? It’s called agate.

Agate what?

Agate is a stone made up of a variety of chalcedony, formed from layers of quartz. They usually have varicolored and rounded nodules or veins. The specific details don’t matter so much. All you need to know is that agate decor is one of the hottest trends in design right now. No two pieces of these precious stones are alike. Nature sure does know how to rock, eh?Agate Home Decors

There are metallic-edged coasters, which you can pair with agate spreaders and agate-accented trays. Essentially, you can embellish all accessories with agate. Think tabletops, door knobs and handles, wrist cuffs, necklaces, bookends, wall clocks, photo frames, etc. The list goes on and on.
Then, there are agate-embedded walls and floors. Having an agate installation in your house instantly gives everything a more sophisticated look. Guests will certainly be captivated by it.

However, if this hard glam style is too heavy for you, you can always opt for a minimalist look by hanging cut agate slices on your wall instead.


Agate-Inspired Home Design



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