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The Perfect Rose Centerpiece

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers. For your next dinner why not take a trip to your local flower market and spruce up your table with that simple DIY roses centerpiece.

My tools:

  • Your flowers: 2 dozing roses, 3 pieces of lily grass filler.
  • 3 pots* (about 10” in height).
  • Scotch Tape.
  • Scissors or flower cutter.

*It is important not to choose a vase that is too high, as it will disturb the view during dinner parties.

Roses Centerpiece DIY : Seriela Indulgence Fashion Blog

Step one: Pick your flowers, I chose red & white, but you can replace the red with any color to match your décor or mood.

Step two & three: fill your pots with fresh water. Make a grid across the tops of each pot with strips scotch tape placed 2 inches apart. (It should look like a checker board when you’re finished.)

DIY flower arangement : Serial Indulgence Decoration Blog

Step four: Stand your roses next to the vase; you’ll be able to see how much you need to cut off to make the flowers fit in your pots.

Step five & six: Use your Lily grass filler and place it around your pot of decoration

DIY Roses Centerpiece : Serial Indulgence Decoration Blog

Voila you have a chic flower arrangement for your next event!



Picture by Julia C. Vona



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