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DIY: Lavender Ball

A good hostess is also a good housekeeper and good housekeeping means a clean and inviting home environment. So what’s more calming and inviting than the pleasant aroma of lavender? Not only is lavender one of my most favorite scents, but many people swear by its therapeutic benefits. This multi-purpose herb can be used in so many ways, so why not beautify your home visually and aromatically with this fun and simple DIY project!

DIY-Lavender balls-montreal-blog-step 1 & 2This is what you’ll need:

  • A vase of your choice.
  • Enough styrofoam balls to fill the vase.
  • A paper plate.
  • White glue.
  • Dried lavender.
  • Wood skewers.

DIY-Lavender balls-blog- montreal-step 3 & 4
Pour some glue onto a paper plate. Insert a skewer into each styrofoam ball so that you have something to hold on to while you cover them with glue.

DIY-Lavender balls-blog-montreal step 5 & 6
Roll them in the dried lavender and be sure to cover the entire ball so there’s no styrofoam exposed.

DIY - Lavender balls - blog montreal-step 7 & 8Allow them to dry overnight. When they’re dry, place them in the vase and display them anywhere you like! You’ll love the scent it will give off and the presentation is pretty and original!

What’s really fun about this project is that, in addition to its simplicity, it can also be modified in many creative ways. Try different vase shapes, styrofoam ball sizes or even mix different herbs together to create your own signature scents. The possibilities are endless!



Picture by Julia C. Vona


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