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Trend Alert: Neon Running Shoes From Reebok

Being a new mom I want to get back in shape, but found it hard to go back to the gym. It’s the first step that’s always the hardest, but why not start with something I love to do? Lets go shopping! New workout gear always does the trick to get me motivated. Neon is very trendy in clothing design right now and workout wear is no exception. I am in love with these Reebok RealFlex running shoes.

reebok realflex running shoes - fashion blog montreal


For a cool C$120, you can purchase these and look great at the gym. I’ll tell you what, even if you don’t look forward to working out, having these great shoes in your closet can make the whole process a lot less painful. Pair them with a neon workout skirt for the cutest look around. If you look forward to dressing in that workout gear, won’t you be more likely to actually go?

Really, though, they are perfectly balanced for everyday wear and I’ll probably be spending more and more time in them once my little baby Kate starts walking and running. You can’t go wrong with these Reeboks, with their suede and mesh uppers and their flexible soles. They are designed for natural movement. In the late 80s, they designed the first athletes’ shoes specifically for women and they continue to lead the trends with their technologies. Your feet really deserve this level of support, no matter what you’re doing!

Bright neons are everywhere this season, but if you are concerned by how wear it, just pair it with neutrals, color block it, or highlight it with sharp contrasts in black or a complementing neon color. If you still can’t take it, the shoes also come in some subtler colors.

Now, get on that brand new and hit the gym!


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