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My New Mom Uniform

Being the mom of an 8 week old baby, my sense of style drastically changed. From 7 inch inch Louboutin to Reeboks. I need to be comfortable but that doesn’t mean looking drab either.

Here’s my current uniform:



Reebok EasyTone pants
Toning your body while being on diaper duty is now possible. First is keeps everything together, kind of a spanx for working out. The EasyTone Pant are designed with resistance bands in the fabric that work together to challenge your muscles with resistance at every move you make.

Lululemon Run: Bundle Up Jacket 
I am so in love with this jacket, It is perfect for mild winter day. It keeps me warm and is so stylish. It has a fleece lining that keeps me warm at all times. I live in this jacket and I am sure you will too.

Gucci Diaper bag
This bag is so practical it has a changing mat, multitude pocket and did I mention it is Gucci. You can only buy it online.

Rayban Aviator
always ad a touch of glamour to any outfit. I love these I have about 5 pairs. They go with everything and always in style.

Louis Vuitton Leopard Stole
This is the final touch. It is on the pricey side, but I probably wore is 300 times since I bought it, so I am sure I got my money’s worth by now.


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