The Cupcake Bakery : The Best Cupcake in Australia


When it comes to cupcakes (especially red velvet cupcakes), I just can’t resist. So when I spotted The Cupcake Bakery on my last trip to Sydney, I had to stop in and see what this place was all about. Good thing I followed my keen foodie intuition, because visiting The Cupcake Bakery for a tasty treat and a delicious cappuccino became a beloved part of my daily routine. These tiny frosted wonders are beyond mouth-watering and are, by far, the best cupcakes in Australia. They are definitely a “must-taste” for anyone in the neighborhood. But if you aren’t a cupcake lover, don’t worry. The Cupcake Bakery doesn’t only serve cupcakes. You’ll also find scrumptious sundaes and decadent drinks on the menu to satisfy your sweet tooth.

My second trip Down Under only increased my love for The Cupcake Bakery. Walking into my old haunt Easter weekend, I was delighted to find that my favorite red velvet cupcake had been seasonally decorated with blue icing and yummy Easter eggs. Scrumptious AND ridiculously cute!?! Serial Indulgers, I think I’ve found cupcake heaven!

If you want to learn more about The Cupcake Bakery, visit them at their website.



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