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DOCUMENTARY Smash his Camera – Ron Gallella

Recognize this famous picture of Jackie O with her hair blowing in the wind? It was taken by the legendary Ron Galella, the original Paparrazzo. Responsible for many a famous candid capture as well as a couple of landmark “freedom of expression” lawsuits, Ron Galella has an interesting documentary covering his passion and life’s work.

On the plane to Australia, I had the pleasure of catching “Smash His Camera,” a documentary by Leon Gast on the controversy-filled life and work of Ron Galella The title refers to an order given by Jackie O to her security guard after Galella chased Onassis and her children through Central Park. In another of his famous stories, Marlon Brando punched him to the ground outside a restaurant when Galella tried to take a candid picture. Galella lost a few teeth and had his jaw broken, but that did not stop him from chasing celebrities and documenting their glamourous lifestyles.

“Smash His Camera” is an interesting reflection on today’s culture of celebrity obsession. So get the popcorn ready and INDULGE in the world of glamourous celebrities during the heydays of Studio 54.This documentary will take you to a time when reality TV and constant tweets had not yet purged the mysteries of the rich and famous. It is a must see!



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