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Working the Walk: SlimTone Review

When putting on a couture dress, my initial instinct is to reach for a pair of Louboutins.  But recently, I’ve had a hard time making my hand by-pass the newest addition to my shoe collection, my Reebok SlimTone trainers.  Their lightweight, seamless design (no more new shoe boo-boos for me!) makes them so incredibly comfortable that it’s hard to take them off. And good thing too! My goal of slimming down and toning up comes true with every step, since SlimTone’s micro-instability causes my muscles to work, even when I’m not at the gym. I’ve seen a huge difference in my hips and thighs and I love feeling my body firming up as I wear them! And did I mention that the shoes are cute to boot, coming in a stylish gray and pink? A fit fashionista’s dream!


Picture by Julia C. Vona


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