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Cozy and Chic in your Fur Vest

Serial indulgence exclusive fur vest

If you’re looking to complete your winter wardrobe, a fur vest is the way to do it. The Serial Indulgence fur vest is chic and warm for the frigid Canadian winters, but is still light enough to wear indoors or as an added lining underneath coats and jackets. The rabbit and raccoon fur is hand-woven, making every piece unique, so even if all of your friends decide to get one, no one will have the exact same vest. They are great open, over a white shirt and jeans, and can also be belted for that extra chic waist-cinching look. They’re available in natural/beige, black, grey and brown, so there’s something for even the most discerning tastes. Get one soon, the cold weather is setting in fast!

On these pictures I’m wearing:


Pictures by Julia C. Vona


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