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The little grey dress that makes it all

There’s at least one dress in every girl’s closet that makes her feel more beautiful and confident than anything else she puts on and though I admit to having felt this way about many dresses over the course of a lifetime, I can’t help but want to rave about how much I love my Roland Mouret.

Roland Mouret - Fashion blog montreal

Despite its simplicity in design and colour, it fits me in such a way that emphasizes my best assests, minimizes my flaws (not that I have any, of course ;)) and makes me feel amazingly beautiful. Who would have thought you could get all that out of a little grey dress?!  It might be a bit fancy for every day, but generally that’s how it is when we find something that makes us feel oh-so-pretty, isn’t it?  I suppose I’ll need to make excuses to wear it more often.

On these pictures I’m wearing:


Pictures by Julia C. Vona


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