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Nail Trend Spring 2013

Spring is just around the corner here and personally, I’m really looking forward to it.  My favorite top 5 spring 2013 nail trends show a joie de vive for the upcoming season.


1.For a natural and youthful look this spring, pair your fashions with nude hues that are light and airy.  They can be either opaque or have a little bit of the metallic or glitter in them that I’ll show you below.


2.Metallics can come in any color now, but gold, silver and pearl colors are really in the top for the spring.  Another option to dress up your nails for an evening out is to brush 24 gold foil onto your existing nail color.    


3. Also good for your evening on the town, try a little bit of glitter.  This is also a less expensive way to get the 24 gold look I suggested above.  Chunky gold glitter gives the same look for a fraction of the cost.  Glitter polish comes in any color imaginable.  You can either brush it lightly on top of your existing nail polish, or for a really 3d effect try 4 coats of glitter polish with a clear coat ontop.  Since your polish will be pretty thick, remember to give it some extra drying time.


4.You mix it up by using the new duo color techniques.  Paint stripes onto your nails – you know I love bold stripes!  Kate Spade is showing Gingham this season on the runways and you can get this fancy look by using the new nail decals.  They are little stickers and last longer than you’d expect.  Just paint a base coat and press on the decal.  Trim it to the right size and go!


5. If you are going for a single color, then you can still stick to the classic reds or pinks.  However, for a little “pop,” consider the Pantone Fashion Institute runway color of the year (2013) is Emerald.  I really love to mix up the trends  with a metallic shiny green.  Another option for fun colors is gray or a light gray-blue.  And… you know I always love neons!

If you’re going to get your nails done professionally, then your stylist will probably ask whether you prefer round or square shapes. For the spring, natural rounded shapes are currently showing on the runways.

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maryam rafa fashion blog montreal





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