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Beating the Heat with Essie’s Chinchilly

A major heat wave has hit Montreal, and all over the island, people are running for the nearest AC!  But despite even the most valiant efforts to avoid the hot and sticky weather outside, there are still times that we are forced to venture out into the sauna we call our city.  And since air conditioners aren’t the most portable items, we
need to find every way possible to keep cool.  My weapon of choice against the heat? Picking up the coolest shade of Essie polish that I can find and freshening up the tips of my fingers and toes. This week, I stumbled upon a frigid granite gray shade known as Chinchilly.  With the temperature rising, the name alone could have sold me on this polish, but its refreshingly frosty shade also helped make it irresistible. Now, if I’m boiling, I can look down at my nippy nails and remember that this heat won’t last forever.  I should appreciate it while it lasts, since Montreal’s other weather extreme (bitterly cold blizzards) isn’t that far away!



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