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DIY Duct Tape Decor Ideas

Recently I was in a major home renovation store and to my surprise I came across decorative Duct Tape!
Of course, I was visiting the store for something else, but ended up spending over an hour checking out all the different patterns.  Then the wheels in my head started turning as to exactly what I could use this tape on at home.
I started off with a small project and decided to cover my light switch plates.
My finishing touch was paintng the screws with nail polish!
post duct tape
Any holiday ornament can be fixed up with duct tape as well.
duck tape christmas
Now to my basement!
I’ve got storage boxes galore since I’ve recently moved.
So, you guessed it I decided to perk them up with a few strips of tape.
I didn’t stop there…
With the left over tape, I made a hopscotch board for my daughter.
Hopefully she’ll use it one day soon!
I have so many more ideas for the use of decorative duct tape, I’ll be sharing them within the next few weeks.
Please forward any of your amazing DIY projects to , we’d love to see your pictures too!

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