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Dancing in the Rain by Mimi Struthers

Dancing in the Rain by Mimi Struthers Jimmy Choo/Hunter Boots - Crocodile textured rubber boots look


Oh great, it’s raining. I was going to wear my Jimmy Choo‘s, but unless I want to ruin them, they won’t be hitting the streets today… or will they? In a collaboration with Hunter Boots, Jimmy Choo created a fun pair of crocodile textured rubber boots with a gold buckle fastener on the side that are perfect for those rainy days. Function and fashion don’t often go hand in hand, but rain boots are a perfect example of how we can be sexy and sensible, all at the same time. In the past few years, they have emerged as a fabulously functional addition to people’s wardrobe and are available in an endless variety of textures, patterns and designs. Just throw on a sexy Karen Millen flared trench coat, grab an umbrella and you’re on your way! So get out there and get wet, these Jimmys aren’t afraid of a few puddles!


On these pictures I’m wearing:


Pictures by Julia C. Vona


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