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The Solution to Shoe-icide: Damn Heels

When a fashionista says a pair of stilettos is “killer,” this can be taken literally as much as it can be taken figuratively. Calluses, blisters, sprains, fractures… we’ll risk it all if it means looking stellar perched atop a set of sky-high heels.  The debilitating effects of “shoe-icide” (a word the rapper Fabolous cleverly coined for fashionistas’ self-inflicted foot torture) forces many women to either give up on heels entirely or to always tote along a back-up pair of shoes in their purses.  But, next to hobbling home in heel pain in the fashionista’s book of “don’ts” is wearing flats when an ensemble really requires the height of a heel and carrying along a huge purse that can double as a weapon on the dance floor.  What’s a fashion-conscious girl to do?  Get some Damn Heels! Don’t worry, ladies! I’m not swearing. Damn Heels is a pair of flexible (and fashionable) ballet flats that comes in a tiny pouch.  The pouch is perfect for storing in your purse until your killer heels start to kill your feet. Then, when your feet scream for relief, slip on the flats and unfold the small pouch into a large tote bag for your painful pumps. Damn Heels come in black, gold, or silver and are the perfect solution for tired tootsies. Now fashionistas across the globe can now have their heels and wear them too!



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