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Casual But Still Chic

“Casual” does not mean the same thing as “sloppy.” Sometimes, these two words get confused as synonyms in today’s world and I’m here to set the record straight. “Casual” is not necessarily “sloppy.” It should be “comfy,” but in addition to being so, casual can also be quite “chic” and “stylish”! Take the casual summer style outfit I sported recently, for example. This look consisted of a white American Apparel tank top, a pair of Diane von Furstenberg shorts, a Carolina Herrera blazer, and a pair of Prada bejeweled loafers, all topped off by my beloved Ray Ban aviators (seriously, these sunglasses bring “chic” to any outfit!). Was I ready to attend an important meeting or a business dinner? No, but I was ready to comfortably take on whatever my day had in store for me and to look my best while doing it!

Stay chic, fashionistas!


Pictures by Julia C. Vona


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