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Beverly Hills Brows

Some girls never leave the house without a little mascara and other without their favorite lipstick shade. Personally, I don’t go anywhere without my Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Express Palette. I really think nothing finishes a look better than a pair of well-defined eyebrows.

The palette is available in 2 shades; one for light to dark blonds and the other for every brunette shade, as well as silver hair. The kit provides you with everything you need to: apply, shape and highlight those brows. What’s also great about this palette is that, not only will it make you look extra fabulous, but it also includes 4 different brow-shape stencils, for the ladies who have trouble keeping things symmetrical. Ever wonder why those California girls always look so glamorous? Well, you can’t give good face without a perfectly shaped brow, can you? đŸ˜‰


Pictures by Julia C. Vona



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