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December 21, 2012 | Mimi
Top 5 Hostess Gift - Lifestyle blog Montreal

If you’ve ever entertained, you know how much work goes into a party- even if the hostess makes it look effortless. That’s why hostess gifts are essential. After hard working efforts it’s nice to feel appreciate. A nice gesture to indulge them is with a token of your esteemed appreciation and a great gift. While Read More

August 30, 2011 | Mimi

I know we’re told not to “kiss and tell” as kids, but with a product as good as Booty Parlor’s Kissaholic Kissing Kit, you just gotta! Included in the kit is the Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Infused Plumping Lip Gloss that comes in 6 sexy and delicious shades with even sexier names, including Tremble, Throb, Swoon, Sigh, Read More

August 16, 2011 | Mimi

Summer is coming to an end, and as the season winds down, you should have the chance to wine-down too with a fantastic white that I recently discovered.  Enjoy the citrus and nut flavors of 2010 Anselmi San Vincenzo chilled with fish, shellfish, or roast chicken.  And no need to enjoy it alone!  This may Read More

SI Summer Mojitos Fruit Salad Recipe

    If you follow me on Instagram you know I love a good cocktail and to me the ultimate summer cocktail has to be a Mojito.  Lately I’ve been experimenting on my guests and came up with this easy, refreshing recipe that taste just like a mojito. You can do it with any fruits you have Read More

4 tips for organizing your bathroom

  Clutter can often be the creator of unnecessary stress. This is especially true when it comes to the bathroom since it contains the indispensable items you use on a daily basis.   Towels on the ground, make-up left on the counters, toothpaste in the sink, and overflowing cabinets are definitely not pleasant to the eye.   You can keep your bathroom Read More